Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Office (FUN RUN)

ok, so for those of you who know, a certain contributor to this blog has a border - line unhealthy obsession with The Office. The 4th season premiere of the show came on Thursday night at 9 PM. We almost didn't make it to the show ;we drove straight from class and went through many obstacles like a gaslight, an unidentified house, cumbersome rocking chairs and my inability to operate remote controls. But nonetheless all of the obstacles were so worth the episode! There were defiantly scenes with kicking and screaming with joy! This much awaited episode was awesome (especially even after my fourth time viewing it thanks to! Here is what I liked and disliked about this episode:

thinks I liked:
  • Michael's opening at his condo was great! The soy milk, slumbering Jan and I love how it looks like she has already redecorated his condo in the three short months she has been there! Jan and Michael, such a train wreck, but I love it!
  • Ryan looks like a "savvy salesmen mafia boss" entirely in black.
  • Kevin's "are you kidding me". Perfect for Kevin!
  • The first scene with Jim and Pam (with the video). It was very reminiscent of old Jim and Pam (a la season 2). Very cute
  • I ALWAYS love Michael's intense hatred of Toby. pulling down his shorts, calling him Satan) so great!!!
  • Creed, as always was a freak! (cults, painkillers)
  • Jealous Jan. love it love it love it!
things I did not like:
  • ok, I know that Fancy New Beasly is being more honest and assertive and that is great, but she kind of a bully (to Angela) and she just wasn't the same Pam) And she looks little "too hot" for my taste.
  • It was a little slow moving. I don't know if the hour long episodes are good for every story line. The last 5 minutes were yawnsville.
  • I really LOVE that Jim and Pam are dating now, but their kiss was a little anticlimactic for me. I guess they have made such a big deal about them kissing before ( Casino Night), so this was very discrete.
so, as you can see for the most part I give this episode my approval! Can't wait till next Thursday!


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