Friday, September 28, 2007

there's nothing scarier than a small-town mall

So last night, a trip to the ever popular state university town took place. Maybe I should explain that we live in the city and choose not to venture out often for the following reasons:

1.We're both scared as ass of the country.
2. We're both originally from the suburbs and therefore bored/suffocated there.
3. Why?

It's not that we're close-minded types who don't like to leave the comfort of Starbuck's and god knows what else. That's actually not it at all. We just don't like to leave one of the only congregations of civilized people in the south-that being the larger cities.

Anyways, the point is that the real mission of the trip was to use their research facilities (which are quite good and open to the public), though it was obviously turned into an overnight stay with some "partying" involved. A wonderful time was had by all, but the only we could think was thank god I don't go to this school/live in this town. There are plenty of quality people, with quality things to say, and quality things to wear, but my god the others! "Little Pink Houses", by everyone's favorite heart attack patient, was heard twice. In one night. I haven't heard that song in years, and don't intend to for a few more.

As it turns out, several other "party-ers" out were wearing (or should we say "donning?") costumes, but the best part was that half of them didn't look like costumes, but instead cute outfits that someone with an ounce of individuality and/or courage would have put on. Either way, the crowd we hung out with was good, and the others provided for good conversation. You wouldn't think they loved in this town. Plus, the drinks were cheap.

We also bought a standing bird cage. Yes! A standing bird cage for christ's sake. Not that we have a bird, but it was only $25. I mean really. What more do you want?


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