Thursday, December 13, 2007

ok, so it's obviously been two months since either of us have blogged which means that we are
a) slackers
b) lame
c) too busy
and really, it's a combination of all three of those things. In that time, we finished school (for the quarter and are, therefore 1/3 closer to being done forever) and both started interning and working like ass. And I mean ass-we both have three jobs right now, for christ's sake.

Here are some photos to keep you feeling warm and close to us:

a last hurrah at wet bar in atlanta before i left for the city

my brand new the snow, none the less!

Other than that, there's been the most random of random things happening: a stealing (which led to the taking of a certain Dominican NYPD's number by a certain group of girls), an awesome celebrity sighting (which led to possibly stalking, which led to her possibly running away from us), as well as plenty of pictures, and plenty more secret telling. All of this is starting to sound very "Sisterhood of the Traveling..."you know what, (which, btw, I can't even talk about Gossip Girl bc there is way tooo much to say but I will sum it up with this: I'm on Chuck's side), but we're having good fun, minus the traveling pants part.

And I promise that the next post will be much, oh so much, sooner.


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