Sunday, October 14, 2007

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After making my way home from the all-too weird weekend that just didn't stop, I discovered that this brand New Target right by my house had finally opened after the who-knows-how-long construction period. Of course I just got in town, there's crap all over my floor, I have tons of schoolwork, etc. etc., but really-it's Target! Obviously I'm not going to pass this up.

So I used my excuse of needing to go to the pharmacy to go to the New Target. It was obviously really great and I bought all kinds of things like opaque tights and Post-It label things that I don't need, but I also went to the pharmacy. And if you've been to a Target pharmacy anytime recently, you probabely know what I'm talking about.

First of all, everything was really clean and well designed. Second of all, they had a damn lollipop tree (which I f-ing forgot to take advantage of, but whatever). Third, you get to pick a colour for the ring that goes around your prescription bottle! It's not like they have some colour they just give everybody unless they're five or anything! You get to pick it! No matter what! I realize how old this news is (like, years I think) but still, I am freaking out. Check out the following article , and let's give both Ms. Adler and NYMag (for the nice coverage) a round of applause. I mean, really.

And on top of all of this, the pharmacists were really freaking nice. What more can you ask for, really? boinng!


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