Friday, October 5, 2007

Dunder Mifflin Infinity

I still have hope that the fourth season of the Office will be fucking great! Unfortunately it has not been the best thing I have seen recently(although it is the only show worth a damn on television-sorry Robin, I haven't seen the Hills or Gossip Girls so I cannot comment on those two gems!). Anyroad, The first thirty minutes were awesome! Jim and Pam were "outted" by Toby (a little too soon in my opinion); Dwight and Angela break up which was too sad for words, but I have faith that it is not over for those two star-crossed lovers; Kelly's whole pregnant confession was ruined by the promo video (way to go NBC); Ryan is a dick, but I never really liked him anyway. Fuck the last 30 minutes (except for Hotts Mcgee in glee over Ryan getting turned down by Pam!) WHERE ARE THE PRANKS??? Where are the awkward Jim and Pam moments??? Jim and Dwight shenanigans must be present soon for crying out loud! Gimme gimme more!!! (ala Brit)I want more. Hopefully some of the writers will stop screwing the pooch and make it magical like it has been the past 3 seasons!

Jim Halpert is still Sex on(middle america) Legs!!!

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