Friday, October 5, 2007

you want more? all right, i'll give it to you

In the video below (thanks to, we have Britney (bitch!)'s video for the obvious. All of this is really sad at this point, and I almost feel bad even talking about it for her sake. But I'm going to anyways.

This video really looks like an adult version of Kids Incorporated. On the real though, check out the lights, the exposed brick (but not in a loft-ish way), the leather-ish vest, and the long, way too dark hair. I'm waiting for Scott Wolf or whatever his name was to show up and show off those dimples.

Also, what exactly is going on? You think a story is going to happen the whole time with the blondies at the bar and then that dude that looks like one of my cousins, but nothing ever does. Plus, the blondies are laughing at her. I mean, what? I think there's already enough of that going around-no need to bit it in your video, Brit.

Also, this song goes on for about 45 seconds too long. All of the giggling and muffled talking/rapping/hip-hop guy who thinks she's cool and sexy but still "one of the guys" stuff is just too much for too long.

Sorry, baby girl. Better luck next time!


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